My philosophy

My style ranges from teasing and seductive to playful and chiding to unwaveringly cruel and withholding. Like the Goddess Kali, I contain multitudes and deploy them at My will, depending on your needs, offerings, and desires. Here are some of My manifestations:

Seductress: I lure you in, edge you, taunt you, until you are overcome with desire, and in that moment I turn it all against you. You’re helpless now, reduced to begging, pleading, and craving - but all the satisfaction is now Mine.

Humiliatrix: Even though you are naked on your knees, My words seem to derobe you further, stripping any pretensions you have left. My giggling just makes the shame burn hotter until you feel totally exposed for the pathetic little thing you are.

Domina: The capacity to think has escaped you, and all that remains are My orders and a burning desire to please Me. you discover that your body is capable of far more than you ever dreamed as My unwavering discipline leads you to transcendence.

Goddess: My body is a temple, and your sole purpose is to worship, and give offering. In silence, by candlelight, After I initiate your body with My whip, My needles, My rope I grant you the honor of meditating on the transcendent beauty of My feet, My legs, My armpits. The residual stings, the imprint of My strength on your body fuels your desire as you awe at My splendor.

My favorite activities

While I indulge in a wide range of fetishes and kinks, here are some of My favorites:

  • Humiliation / Objectification / Degradation

  • CBT / Ballbusting / Sounding

  • Nipple Torture

  • Needle Play

  • Electro Play

  • Mind Fuck / Psychological Play

  • Ritual / Spiritual Play

  • Sensation Play / Sensory Overload / Sensory Depravation)

  • Foot Gagging, Trampling, and Worship

  • Breath Play

  • Mummification

  • Predicament Bondage

  • JOI / Orgasm Denial / Chastity

  • Tease & Denial

  • Impact Play

  • Goddess Worship

  • Gender Play (Sissification, Forced fem, Lesbian Fantasy)

  • Role Play (Cuckolding, Office, Kidnapping, Interrogation)

  • Pet Play



In person: you and I meet at a well-equipped play space. After negotiating, I leave you to undress and wait naked and kneeling on the floor. you hear My heels click down the hallway and the anticipation is unbearable. you feel My breath on your neck as I wrap a collar around you. It’s time to play.

Social Rendezvous: I meet you at an elegant bar or restaurant. After I order drinks and we exchange small talk, I slip you a pair of panties under the table and instruct you to change. And so begins Our night of discrete fun.

NiteFlirt: Have secrets or fantasies you want to explore before serving Me in person? Not based in NYC or the Bay Area? We can still have plenty of fun. Call Me on My NiteFlirt line, and melt at the sound of My voice, and the elaborate word pictures I love to paint. Look at My Niteflirt profile here.

Double Domme & Group Sessions

I love any opportunity to celebrate My favorite Women - especially at your expense.

Peruse My friends here to see if there is anyone you would like to invite into O/our fun.