My Friends

As a Female Supremacist, I adore any opportunity to play with My friends.

Below are some of My favorite Dominas and Goddesses.

If you are interested in a Double Session, please specify that when you fill out your Session Inquiry form.


Mistress Niko Flux (NYC)

Mistress Niko is a femme fatale based out of NYC. As dear friends, We adore being served and pampered by sissies and subs, and scenes that involve playful humiliation, tease and denial, and sensory overload.


Mistress Shayla (NYC)

Mistress Shayla is a sadistic southern belle - the platinum blonde mean girl who you only wished would tease you in high school. Mistress Shayla brings out My sadism - so Our ideal sessions involve heavily sadistic CBT, NT, impact, and electro play, complemented with plenty of humiliation/


Lady Amara Marx (SF/Oakland)

Mistress Minzy Lopez is all smiles until you fuck with her. Inventive, fun, and dynamic, playing with her is a totally unique experience.

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Empress Wu (NYC)

Empress Wu and I share a love for the cerebral, the transcendent, and the spiritual. Our play aims to guide you to the depths and heights of your being…which you can only achieve through pain


Princess Donna Dolore (NYC/SF/Oakland)

Princess Donna and I love abduction fantasies, humiliation (especially the public variety) and all things electro and needles.


Mistress Vivian (NYC)

As two wickedly sharp Humiliatrixes, our sessions are guaranteed to venture into the perverse and degrading. We also share a love for all things electro, and anything that involves your cock and balls being tortured.



Alpha Dommes (SF/OAKLAND)

The Alphas are a group of Professional Dominatrixes based in SF.

The Taillors (NYC

The Taillor are a FemDom group and House of Kink based in Brooklyn, NY