Shot by: Kareem Montes
Featuring: Mistress Niko, Pet ‘R’
Date: July, 2019

you are on Wall Street, on your way home from work, and you spot a Temptress standing in a dark alley. Patent leather boots that crawl up to Her knees, a mesh top that tease you with a glimpse of Her breasts, and a look that stops you dead in your tracks. you feel deep down that following Her can only end in suffering, and yet you feel Her pull you closer and closer.

Steps away from Her, close enough that you can practically smell Her, you feel someone grab you from behind and push you against the wall. A delicate hand clad in latex grasps your balls from behind and a voice whispers, “Scream and I’ll yank these right from your body.” The Temprtress joins Her friend behind you, and whispers in your other ear, “you fool. I knew you couldn't resist.” She turns your head toward you for a moment, affording you the opportunity to glimpse Her tussles of blonde hair, Her cherry red lips for an instant before yanking a hood over your head and zipping your eyes and mouth shut. you know you should try to struggle, try to escape, maybe call the police, but instead you feel your skin tingling, your mouth salivating, and your cock growing harder. Whoever they are, whatever they want, you realize you are helpless. All there is left to do is submit.