Blood Money

In August, 2018, Sybil Fury, Niko Flux, and Caroline Caldwell co-curated Blood Money, an art show about BDSM and sex work. The show featured art from over 12 sex worker and sex worker ally artists, including Molly Crabapple, Exotic Cancer, Stoya and Maidenfed. In order to express the dynamics of power, gender, and money that sex workers and those in D/s relationships navigate as part of our work/play, we hung the art pieces on male submissives. The audience was then implicated in the desires of the submissive, raising the questions of who really has the power? The Dominant wielding the whip or the submissive wielding the safeword? The Professional Dominatrix or the client paying for the service? The viewer / potential buyer, or the art itself?

You can read more about Blood Money here, and listen to our feature on Peepshow podcast here.

Visual Artists:
Moral Athletics, Heather Benjamin, Caroline Caldwell, Molly Crabapple, Exotic Cancer, MaidenFed, Emily McMaster, Ruth Merwin, Niko, Slime Pony, Weronika Reps, Najva Sol, Pluma Sumaq, Stoya, Emily Tat , Eva Tusquets, and Yana Toyber.

Performance Artists
Laur Duvall, Kathryn Kane, Miss Sugar Mamasota, Monika Rustvold, Niko Flux, and St. Joan Taillor

Sybil Fury, Niko Flux, Lady Alice Blackwell, Neena DeVille, General Gretchen, Rosie Royale